This is for those who know they have a deep calling within their soul,.
To powerfully stand in their soul led mission to be, do & have all that they desire.

Immerse yourself into this 8 Week Abundance Accelerator Online Program, where you will be empowered to create your new identity. The successful, powerful change-maker you truly are is awaiting your arrival.

This is for the souls who want to step into their soul aligned business with more ease, grace and flow to show up with full confidence in who they are and what they offer.

They are ready to evoke change within themselves and others, put the 2 steps forward, 3 steps back behind them and fully embrace their knowledge skills and experience to a path of self-empowerment, wealth and abundance.

I am a passionate and highly sought-after Master of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach who enjoys spreading kindness, peace and my mission of teachings in self-healing through more than a decade of experience treating anxiety, depression and PTSD from traumatic life events.

A survivor of my own child and adolescent traumas, I experienced many years of chronic illness, anxiety and bouts of depression and identified how the direct correlation of my past traumas had impacted on my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

To then discovering the tools and practices that led me to healing, enabled me to release the past trauma’s and reclaim my true purposeful, passionate and empowered self and help hundreds of others with my gifts to live their life on purpose and free to be all they desire to be!

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I started to manage my money, I released all my limiting beliefs and money blocks, I released my negative emotions, got in touch with my values and lived by those values 100%. I learned how to manage my mindset, surrounded myself with quality mentors and got an amazing coach who modelled the success that I was after.

I focussed on educating myself and I stopped focusing on money and started focussing on my soul purpose, mission and spiritual journey. I released my fear of failure, there were a few of those and found my JAM!

I was always chasing the 6 figure income. I would always fall short! Yes I made multiple six figures in my business before I lost everything, but since I took that massive hit, I just couldn’t seem to get to the 6 figures I was accustomed to.

This was part of the programming I had picked up after my massive loss.

Well it was the beginning of the year in January, I decided I wanted to make $125K.

I downloaded a blank cheque off the secret website and wrote it out to myself for 125K. I looked at it in those first few months, still had a few limiting beliefs that I couldn’t make it happen but just went to work on my soul mission and forgot about it.

End of financial year came around at the end of June and I got stuck into grabbing out all the figures from the financial year to send off to the accountant.

I still wanted so desperately to make the 6 figure income, and felt like it was a mountain I had to climb to make it happen. But then..

I got the shock of my life! I had made $130,110. Just over the $125K. I had completely forgotten about it! In disbelief I sat down and looked at it in amazement.

The glass ceiling was broken! I realised then, I needed to write a new cheque!

I set the intention, I modelled the success of my mentors, worked with an amazing coach and went to work with focus and action in my soul aligned mission, knowing my why and broke through that glass ceiling and the Universe delivered!


Are you ready to be the empowered goddess you truly are?