Women all over the world have a hysterectomy for many reasons ... Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Endometrial/Uterine (womb) Cancer, Fibroids, Cervical/Ovarian Cancers,
Cysts and the list goes on...if you have had or are about to have a hysterectomy,
We are here for you sister.

 At The Hyster Healing Hub, we get it. We
understand the complexities of the emotional rollercoaster a Hysterectomy
diagnosis brings and want you to know first and foremost,


Many women who have had their children go into it thinking they won't feel emotional because their womb space has done the job. Because the symptoms are so horrific and life burdening that they have relief knowing it is being removed and they will finally be able to heal. Only
to find after surgery, they feel overwhelmed with grief, emptiness, unworthiness and shame.

Feeling like no-one will find them attractive because they are 'damaged goods'!

 Others feel like there's just this unexplainable change within them. Their health has never been quite the same, body doesn't heal as fast and weight doesn't seem to shift so easily anymore.

Some women feel they have lost some strength within as the muscles have been cut and their support framework has been compromised.

Women who were not in their menopausal years begin early menopause, some don't but they aren't allowed hormone replacement and so they struggle with fears of what it will be like.

Speaking to doctors about this can make you feel like you're being completely unheard and the 'Medical Gaslighting' is real.

From counselling to support groups you can still feel very alone through your journey as many options are based on natural menopause, where-as we support women after hysterectomy. Women who may have had to transition before their body was ready to.

Many women don't have any other women in their circle of family and friends who are going through a similar experience and find they're comparing themselves to
others who haven't had a hysterectomy. Then wishing they could just go back, be
like them, even though you know you can't.

The good news...

You don't have to suffer in silence. We have done the leg work for you and have a lot of great resources to help get you back to feeling like you again.

Whether you're in your 20's, 30s, 40s, or beyond we are here to support you on your journey.

We offer a range of courses and online support where you can feel comfortable sharing your journey with others who are like you and experiencing similar issues. If we don't have the answer you're looking for, you can almost guarantee someone in our group has experienced it and will have some advice for you.

From Pre-op to Post-op and your menopausal journey we cover it all. We use up to date, state of the art therapy to help you through your grief and the many emotions you face throughout this transition.

We help you heal from the trauma and negative emotions associated with loss and provide options to relieve those menopausal symptoms including our powerful weightloss program that is one of our most popular!

If you feel you would like some support to help you through your Goddess Phase, as we like to refer to it.

A time in your life where you are able to embrace, heal and transition into your Vibrancy, book a discovery call with us today.

  • Pre-Op Program

    Why do women facing a hysterectomy often
    struggle with managing the emotional turmoil?

    It's NOT what you think...

  • Post-Op Program

    How I Faced the C-word, Needed a Hysterectomy, and healed physically & emotionally to find
    peace & vibrancy in my life, like never before.

  • Meno Stage Program

    The onset of menopause
    after a hysterectomy is a well-known fact, but not all women are prepared for it or ready to face it and struggle to deal with it.