Anxiety is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

If we’re living in fear for long enough, anxiety will surely follow.

It’s not your fault and it doesn’t have to be this way!

When you go to the shopping centre and all of a sudden you feel that surge of nerves wash over you to the point where you just have to run out – feeling like you’re going to die. To that burning, feeling watching the latest stats on Covid 19.

Or what about that feeling when you’re in a group of girlfriends or mates and are all of a sudden tongue-tied, not able to hold down a conversation or find the words to say to feel apart of the group.

My anxiety took hold of me in such a way just a few short years ago that I couldn’t even go out for coffee with my friends anymore. I would have a lump in my throat, feel sick to my stomach and be just looking for a way to leave. It took over my life, my friendships and I missed out on the fun I could have been having if it wasn’t for that dreaded anxiety.

You see your doctor and they prescribe a drug that you can’t pronounce, some people find it helps, others feel numb where they can’t feel anything anymore, joy or anxiety it’s all gone and you are just on autopilot or if you’re like me, you just don’t take them because the anxiety of taking something you can’t pronounce with the endless list of side-effects is just too much for you to bear.

So you continue to learn to live with it, you cancel dates, you find excuses to miss coffee catch ups with the girls and you become more and more isolated in your safe house you’ve created around you, all the while berating yourself, asking why you can’t just function the way you used to.

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I get it, I’ve been there! I was there for so many years of my life, it’s why I chose to become a therapist.

I found out why! Why I had the anxiety and why I couldn’t seem to shift it no matter what I did.

Once I did…It was like magic! And it didn’t even hurt, not one bit!

You see if we’re stuck in replaying our old trauma’s in our minds, if we’re stuck in negative emotions that we haven’t released and our past hurts are on replay in our minds thats when anxiety get’s a hold of us. Often you don’t even hear the torment in your mind, it’s just on replay so often you don’t hear it.

I’ve now been living anxiety free for a number of years now, it’s funny how you forget just how bad you had it once it’s gone. 

Now I am happy to meet up with friends, go out to restaurants, go shopping and just feel free to be me, where ever I choose to go.

And this is something I help my clients overcome each and every day with my amazing Alchemise your Anxiety Program.

I absolutely love doing this, seeing just how freeing it is for you to be able to be all you desire to be, in every facet of your life.

The Alchemise your anxiety program is run over 5 weeks one to one in clinic or on zoom and in the Online Group Program.

We alchemise your anxiety for good! So you can live your life feeling free and light with so much clarity and no more anxiety.

It could be the start of something amazing! A brand new YOU!


Are you ready to ALCHEMISE your anxiety?