Be supported through the entire process of your care by someone who has been through it too.

Going through a huge experience like dealing with serious illnesses or other experiences that cause your body, mind and life to change so drastically is an extremely scary, frustrating and confusing time.

I went through this entire process myself. At that point, I completely shut down, disassociated from the whole event and went completely into my FEAR response of fawn, in other words, I HAD LEFT THE BUILDING!

I have always felt my female reproductive system was part of my femininity, and it felt so wrong to just have it all ripped out.

The days leading up to the surgery were nerve wracking and the emotions, they were on a whole other level.

There was limited support, next to no information on what to do after surgery, how to manage my healing and what to expect and the pending doom of MENOPAUSE.

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I got was the call from my surgeon, three weeks after to let me know I had the all clear.I was so thrilled in that moment.

Until the menopause hit me like a tornado.

Trauma attaches to negative emotions and when left has the potential to manifest into the physical. So it is vital that we do the deep work we need to do to heal.

When you get your diagnosis and you have your hysterectomy, it is very rare your doctor will have you covered for everything, including supporting your body in the healing process, the menopause symptoms, the anxiety, the depression, your immune function and creating new daily habits and rituals that will support your body moving through this journey of self discovery.

The All-In-One Hystervibrancy Program combines all programs within the Hystervibrancy range.

These include:

  • Pre-Op Program
  • Post-Op Program
  • Meno Stage Program
  • Body Renew Weight Loss Program


Are you ready to work together towards a positive & successful outcome?