Feeling yourself getting frustrated or angry easily?
Experiencing more down days than good?

Perhaps there might be more going on underneath…you might be experiencing PTSD from underlying trauma that you have buried deep within.

Trauma comes in all forms from devastating events to the smallest of things…the initial event could be long gone, hey it could’ve happened when you were two years old and you have no recollection at all.

When we experience a traumatic event in our life from something someone once said, to a major incident we experience our normal response of fight, flight, freeze or fawn, but what does this response actually do afterwards?

It creates an emotion within you that can anchor itself to the memory. And because we haven’t really been taught to feel our emotions, express them and release them they will often become trapped in our bodies and our minds.

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That’s what we call Negative Trapped Emotions.

They can cause your emotions to be heightened, negative behaviours to rule and even illnesses and disease to show up in your body.

No two traumatic events are the same for people, what is traumatic to one person may be no bother to someone else.

What’s important to understand is that it’s important for our health and wellbeing to release these trapped emotions to help you get the very best out of your life.

Living without trapped emotions can feel like something you could only dream about, but you actually can!

That’s why I created my Empowered You program.

A 6-week full immersion of trauma transformation where we release your trapped emotions to bring joy back into your life.


Are you ready to Empower You?