Has drinking alcohol become a problem in your life?

I can help you take control of this problem.

It’s interesting when you think about how much our bodies love a healthy lifestyle.

So why do we fall into the trap of bad habits, smoking, eating junk food or drinking too much…?

Our unconscious mind formed many beliefs early on in our lives, often without us being aware of it. We might of had our first cigarette which created an emotion of fitting in with the cool crowd.

We might’ve learnt to eat junk food as a way of feeling comfort, or to punish ourselves. Drinking a glass or 3 of wine after work might have helped you wind down…

And then there’s the conditioning…you know the ads on tv, the movies or our peers getting so much so called enjoyment out of drinking alcohol, and so we teach ourselves to like it.

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The truth is we had to learn a lot of these bad habits through pushing through how awful they tasted, making us cough and splutter, made us feel sick the next day and so forth.

That’s because these things like cigarettes were never meant for our clean bodies. Our bodies thrive on fresh air, clean oxygen and healthy, nutritious food and beverages.

Hypnotherapy helps to remove these emotional connections with the behaviours that we do that do not serve our bodies. So we can feel vibrant, young and full of energy again. The way in which was intended for us to feel.

So if you find yourself not being able to take a break from the alcohol each night, or you might binge on weekends and spend all week trying to get over that hangover, or perhaps the drinking has begun to run your life, book a complimentary consult today and see how we can help you.


Are you ready to take control of your life & your habits?