Like you, I too was a smoker for many years…

a slave to the cigarette, not knowing when it would end.

I tried so many things to quit, spending thousands of dollars on different programs, techniques, potions, patches, cold turkey and more… nothing seemed to stop those dreaded withdrawals.

That fight or flight feeling like if I didn’t get a cigarette, I was going to die!

I started smoking at a very early age, when my mind was still developing…I wanted to fit in, be part of the cool kids and that’s exactly what I did!

Before I knew it, I was smoking when I felt lonely, when I was bored, when I was hungry, when I was stressed, hell even when I was excited!

Now everything you now do revolves around cigarettes…going out with friends, catching a movie at the cinemas, dinner with your partner. Your whole life is controlled by when will I be able to have a cigarette, where can I sneak out to smoke, what if someone sees me…

It’s a never ending battle, a tug of war going on inside your mind!

The thought that this will kill me if I don’t stop doing it, your friends and family looking down on you and that constant war inside your mind.

My mind found so many ways to keep me smoking, even as a reward! “Oh you finished that task, have a cigarette”, “you earned a break, have a cigarette”, “you did that awesome thing, have a cigarette”.

Like many smokers, I smoked in the down times, the good times, the amazing times and well just the ordinary times.

All the while not really knowing why…

Until I discovered a way!

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I discovered it wasn’t about the physical withdrawals that kept me smoking. When you learn how to release those, you realise just how small they really are…smaller than a piece of fluff on my shirt!

It wasn’t about the nicotine being so addictive that I just couldn’t live without it…otherwise how else do you explain some people just being able to quit and never want to smoke again?

It’s about the mental dependancy! That’s what keeps most smokers smoking for a very long time and until we address the mental dependancy (the emotional addiction) along with the biochemical dependancy, then the physical dependancy just drops away, disappears, GONE!

Now you can be free to live your life your way! Free to be who you want to be! Without the cigarettes!

 You can now enjoy dinners out with friends, long flights, work breaks and more! You can do more, be more and live more…

Once you look better, feel better, breath better and smell better, you now can do all the things you wanted to do. You can climb that mountain, you can run in the park, you can enjoy the smell of spring, and you can be there for your family. No longer having to leave to have a cigarette in the middle of an important milestone, no longer worrying about if the next cigarette will spark off the cancer in your body, no longer worrying if your smoking is a bad example to your kids.

You can now be the best version of you, and most importantly, you can now do it with ease…without the withdrawals, without the tug of war inside you, and without feeling frustrated, depressed or deprived!

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home…


Are you ready to rid yourself of the dependency of smoking?