Women all over the world have a hysterectomy for many reasons.

We are here for you sister.


It was the diagnosis nobody thinks will happen to them.

"It's not the aggressive kind, it's low grade", he said with an optimistic smile.

"It will require you to have a full hysterectomy"...WAIT, WHAT!?!

At that point, I completely shut down, disassociated from the whole event and went completely into my FEAR response of fawn, in other words, I HAD LEFT THE BUILDING!

Coming to terms with my diagnosis in the coming days, I began the hunt to learn more and quickly discovered there was a lot of misinformation, conflicting information and a
whole bunch of zero  information out there.

And the days leading up to the surgery, were nerve wracking and the emotions, they were on a whole other level.

Being a Trauma Therapist you know a thing or two about emotions and how to manage them, and I had an amazing array of fellow therapists, healers and friends to support me.

I decided to enlist the help of my TEAM, the people I trusted that were going to support me through this journey.

Releasing my anxieties and fears, doing ceremonial rituals to saying goodbye to my reproductive system, inviting in my energetic womb space. Not to mention the celebration of
what my feminine creative space had brought me up until this new phase of my life's journey.

It was an incredibly empowering process.

Needless to say, I sailed through my surgery and my healing was profound.

Three weeks post op, my
surgeon calls, I sunk, bracing myself for what he was about to say...


He was amazed! All this woo woo, releasing emotions, and deep healing, the
deepest I've ever done, was actually normalising the cells!

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I am overjoyed !!!

Now I could get on with healing on a physical level from the surgery trauma and getting on with helping others which is what is most important to me.

On a side note, I saw a lot of cancer stuff as I went through my own journey...

It stood out more I guess because of what I was going through.

The thing that I learned about cancer is that it isn't this outside of our bodies invader or a dark cloud that takes over although it can feel like it.

Cancer is the own body's cells (normal cells) malfunctioning. Whether it be from trauma, pollutants, emotions or genetics it is the body's own cells that aren't working.

Therefore it makes no sense to me, transmuting messages of hate, anger and contempt to those cells (although it is normal to feel these emotions) but it doesn't help.

To me, it makes more sense to send those cells love and nurturance.

But how... how does one focus on healing when there's so much emotion?

Imagine you could heal decades of emotional pain in as little as a few short weeks. Addressing past traumas and fears directly and turning this challenging journey into a process of growth and self-discovery.

This path isn't complicated. It's about understanding, acceptance, and transformation. It's
about taking back your POWER on your healing journey, and doing it your way.

The results?

Imagine waking up feeling empowered, peaceful, calm and resilient. Seeing your
hysterectomy not as a setback, but as a launching pad to a healthier and
happier version of YOU.



Are you ready to work towards the next phase of your life?