As an entrepreneur, I found a way to not only break free from the limiting beliefs I held about money & find my own success in business.
I discovered that as a therapist, speaker and author, but to heal & teach others the tools to create abundance in their lives too.
I am committed to equip you with the tools to empower you, inspire you, uplift you and to encourage you to activate your new identity of your true soul mission and purpose.
If not now, when?  
Don’t let another year, month or week go by the wayside.
Your Time is Now!

    Providing solutions that deal with the underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

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    Understanding the complexities of the emotional rollercoaster a Hysterectomy diagnosis brings

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    Through a series of deep hypnosis techniques, you’re taken directly to the control center of your brain.

    Here you’ll communicate with your subconscious mind, and switch off emotions impacting your confidence and self-belief: including fear, insecurity, anger, guilt, sadness, and self-doubt.


    What if there was no negative emotion attached to the events of your past... if you could revisit a memory and that memory had no "charge" - could it bother you?

    Time Line work releases the negative emotions from your past allowing you to create new, unconscious responses to events in your life from today forward.

    It is fast. It is painless. And it lasts...


    Just like a computer, your mind determines how you think and behave through a series of programs.

    Neuro-linguistic programming helps you gain awareness and control of these programs, so you can amplify the ones that serve you, and deactivate the ones that don’t.